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Latex Story

Once there was a rubber tree....

And there it is.  Latex is natural rubber; from a rubber tree.  Rubber trees grown in tropical parts of the world provide the liquid that will become your cloud-like sleep platform.  The product you will sleep on has been simply vulcanized and cured, which brings the liquid rubber to a firm state within a specially designed molding process.  The resulting finished product is washed 4 times thoroughly to remove all residual surface impurities. This yields an end product that feels soft, supple, and elastic.  Latex rubber performs perfectly for your comfort.  And because it is naturally resistant to mold, mildew and dust mites, Latex is a prescribed mattress material for allergy sufferers.  Latex is resilient which means it will not sag after years of use and will be free from leaving impressions...other than the lasting impression of a very soft, comfortable sleep solution. We use a specific 2 inch comfort layer in our Irelyn Latex Mattress.  Fleet Mattress Latex doesn't have formaldehyde, bromides, or VOC's that would cause odors or leach gases.  Just clean, eco-friendly, natural latex for our mattresses.  Upgrade to our cloud like, allergy-free, comfortable, long lasting, no-sag sleep mattress made of natural Fleet Mattress Latex Rubber. 

The Irelyn...(Sounds like the country)

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