Too many truck mattresses fail the edge test. When a truck driver needs to attend to office task, they sit on the mattress edge. When a driver takes a break to eat a meal, they use the mattress as their sofa. Truckers shared their needs at the trucking shows, we listened, and then we designed a solution - The Truckers Edge.

This feature we call The Truckers Edge, what is it? Firm edges are made with high density, pretty hard poly foam, just on the long sides from head to foot and about 5 inches wide. That is just enough to keep the edges stiff. So, whether a driver turns the mattress or rotates it as directed once a month, the edges remain firmer, giving the driver a stiffer edge for sitting without the breakdown. All Fleet Mattress models; Dogwood, Fountainbleau, and Irelyn have the Truckers Edge design. Winter savings we call the FROSTY50 allow for an extra $50.00 off the sale prices. Entering promo code FROSTY50 at checkout allows a discount of $50.00 on every mattress purchase. Minimum order $100.00. Fleet Mattress will also send a free Bamboo Slumber Gel Pillow and ship it all for free this holiday season. It has never been easier to try this unique Truckers Edge feature on any of our comfortable mattresses. No other brand has it. All drivers ask for it. Off Good till the end of December.


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