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Irelyn Mattress

THE BEST TRUCKERS MATTRESS ON THE MARKET!  Nothing like this.  Filled with options. The 2 sided Irelyn Latex/Mini-Pocketed Coil Mattress gives 2 feels. (Buoyant Feeling Innerspring, quiet, no bounce)


One side soft, One side firmer.  2 Options in one bed.


  1. Mini-Pocketed coils, the best innersprings, are indivudually wrapped to make up the comfortable, quiet, less bouncey, core of this mattress.  Thicknesses is a perfect 9 inches, but we can adjust to your required thickness in the case of a 5 to 7 inch allowable space.  Just let us know.

  2.  The soft side is eco-latex with air flow technology.  

  3. The firm side is high density support foam with a nice cushiony feel, but supportive also.


Both sides are quilted and sewn with high quality Viscose from BAMBOO FABRIC that is guaranteed cooler.  Nothing you have in your truck, rv, or boat compares...and we have home sizes too!

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