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Authentic Bamboo Fibers knitted throughout a stretch knit pillow casing. 40% Viscose/Bamboo Fibers to be exact.  This means cooler feel on your skin.  It's a plush pillow with a proprietary mix of fine-mill, 3 lb cool gel, Certi-pur visco mixed with super-soft comfort-blend.  Fluffable.  Scrunchable.  Foldable.  and finally, Huggable.  EVERYONE LOVES THIS PILLOW! Ships for Free.


Bamboo Slumber Gel Pillow.Put 2 in Quantity and only be charged for one!

PriceFrom $74.99
  • For the Bamboo Slumber Gel Pillow we suggest a gentle cleaning with spray wash product rather than fully submerging the pillow.  This may cause the pillow to not dry properly.  


    However, once spray cleaned and damp, just pop into dryer on medium-low heat for till plump and dry.  The pillow may appear much more plump than your initially found, but know the Bamboo Slumber Gel Pillow will relax and settle to your shape, thereby offering you a fantastic, cradeling comfort.  Guaranteed.

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