Not A Better Deal Anywhere! No Springs! No Bounce!


The Dogwood Mattress has you covered for a nice, firm, replacement mattress for any place you need a comfortable bed. The core is Certi-pur poly foam, but like all of our mattresses, the core has additional quilting with a beautiful stretch knit and wrapped in grey linen upholstery. 


Take comfort in knowing your replacement Dogwood Truck Mattress will be attractive, durable, firmer, and most of all, comfortable.  


If your size isn't listed, we can make one custom for you.

*Fleet quantity programs available by calling: 225.357.2253 M-F 8a-4p.


SKU: 71WXFM36807
  • Firm Feel, 1.8 lb High Density 36 ild, Poly-Foam & Soft Quilt Top make up this (26 lb total weight twin sized ) winner.  Fine upholstery, light overall weight, and affordability adds to the appeal of the 7 inch thick, Dogwood Mattress.  The Dogwood is a one sided bed, meaning one side has quilting, but itcan be flipped for a slightly firmer feel.