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Truckers Upgrading Mattresses To Reduce Fatigue

Updated: Feb 13


The right mattress can make all the difference in driver comfort. Look for these features: enhanced quilted fabrics, "The Truckers Edge" that offers a stiffer side for sitting, high quality foam and latex materials with better warranties, exact custom sized fit to your sleepers space without loosing the valuable real estate of sleep surface, and an option for 9 inch thickness that can handle the heavy weight trucker. As you crave creature comforts in your cab like ambient LED lighting, and cant live without a bigger refrigerator, microwave, then why not upgrade your mattress now to reduce fatigue and wake up better rested. And as this pic shows, even this older tiny sleeper are getting upgraded to a new Fountainbleau Cool Gel Mattress. #drivercomfort, #thetruckersedge, #latex, #irelyn, #fountainbleau, #dogwood, #truckers, #fleetmattress, #floridatruckingshow, #texastruckingshow

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