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Pressure Points Relieved With Cool Gel

Talking with a Arizona driver named David at the Mid-America Trucking Show, he mentioned he was done with his aching backs, hips, and shoulders since his mattress wore out. He and his riding partner needed a "tonight, rite now" change. That was a theme shared from drivers throughout the 3 day event here at the Fleet Mattress booth.

With our brand, we offer a good, better, best solution. Providing for the individual sleep styles and budgets of each hardworking driver, Fleet Mattress Factory has found exceptionally positive feedback with the Fountainbleau Cool Gel Mattress. David ended up receiving the Fountainbleau Cool Gel All Foam mattress with the exclusive Truckers Edge. The Truckers Edge feature offers a firmer side for sitting that others just don't offer. Made in both a 9 inch or 7 inch thickness, this mattress is made to relieve pressure points. Other brands' spring beds seem to antagonize these pressure points by rebounding against the same body weight pressing against the innerspring. The Fleet Mattress Fountainbleau mattress model is manufactured to absorb this weight. Your weight and your partners weight is cradled for comfort, uninterrupted, all night long.

For those drivers running power units while sleeping, the vibration of these units can transfer, although subtly, throughout the cab and into the sleeping berth. Our all foam, cool gel mattress is made with a proven vibration dampening memory foam used by NASA and others. All spring beds just don't compare, especially over time. Vibration increases fatigue without you knowing it. As studies have shown, Cool Gel Memory Foam significantly helps alleviate this vibration over spring beds.

All you need for a great night sleep is a cool gel mattress and a new cool gel pillow. For a limited time, our made for your specific truck Fountainbleau Cool Gel Mattress can be purchased for 20% off. Take advantage of the Mid-America Trucking Show promo for a limited time after the show. Use MATS23 at checkout when visiting Leave the others behind, but leave the "rest" to us- the Fleet Mattress Factory.

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