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Younger Hispanic Truckers Flourishing

Hispanic Truckers Blog.3.15.23 (English)

The Hispanic community is an integral part of trucking growth in the U.S. The history of America’s demographics, although a hot topic today, has always been built on multiculturalism and diversity.

Today, the trucking industry features an Hispanic population of around 15% of all truckers contributing to that diversity. The US boasts 82,500 Hispanic trucking companies, and 870,000 Class 8, heavy truck drivers are Hispanic. In the U.S., Hispanics are the second-largest ethnic group in the country at 18% of the total population. The Hispanic truck drivers average age is less than 34 years old. Comparatively, non-Hispanic American truckers' average age is in the early 50s.

On a rare day off, Fernando Garcia of USC Transport, parked his truck in Ft. Lauderdale and attended the Florida Trucking Show. For 2 days in early February, he walked the exhibit hall along with hundreds of truckers, shopping insurance vendors, sleeper products like mattresses, and other tools of the trade like tires, straps, and chrome.

“I was introduced to driving a truck by a friend. He helped me get started. I make pretty good money driving along the southern states, says Garcia. “There is so much work, I can keep my wheels rolling seven days a week if I want.”

Keeping the wheels rolling involves adoption of load boards and the dependence of digital marketplaces where freight is auctioned and dealt to those truckers that are tech savvy. A trucker has to stay up to date. Through the multitude of brokers and soft wares to investigate, finding suitable freight, and profitable rates takes being plugged into this way of finding business.

Trucking organizations and associations for the Latino truckers help with education of load boards as well as understanding Government policy, parts reports, understanding cost effective insurance, and helping with organizing the business of trucking. The Magazine Transporte` Latino distributes over 92,000 issues across the USA sharing maintenance tips, business advice, and introduction of trucking parts. The Coalition of American-Latino Truckers is a subdivision of the WTSA formed in California during the 1940s. It assists the bi-lingual, Spanish speaking truckers with transitioning to a prosperous life behind the wheel.

The trucking industry is responsible for over 90% of the goods we depend upon and because of this dependence, we can expect a 10% rise year to year for trucking services. Our diverse landscape of the US will continue to feed the trucking industry and be a positive place for truckers of all backgrounds to make a good living. Hispanic truckers are raising families, starting businesses, and will continue to flourish transporting goods across the U.S.A. whether as an owner operator or as a company driver


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