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Fleet Owners, Check Out The Maverick and The Colonial.

The Texas Trucking Show had it all on the menu this year!

Did everyone have a good time in Houston? I managed to get around the NRG Center for the Texas Trucking Show and leave my partner tending our mattress booth for a bit. I enjoyed seeing truckers and there family having fun and dancing to "Daddy Yankee" and as I made my way down the packed aisles, I had to make room for a parade of miniature Trucks being remotely controlled throughout the exhibition space.

Good ole Texas eats included tacos, big plates of pulled pork nachos, double burgers, cold beer, even some Cajun Boudin were on the menu.

However, on the Fleet Mattress menu, we featured two new mattresses designed to manage the driver retention and budget concerns for Fleet Owners.

The Colonial 4.5 and The Maverick 5.5 Mattresses. Take a look, they are brand spanking new.

After a number of trade shows in the past 7 years, it is understandable that there are those companies that spare no expense in retaining their drivers choosing to buy $300 to $600 mattresses.

However, when a trucking company doesn't have the budget for our luxury memory foam or top of the line latex/pocketed coils price points, they really don't have much to choose from out there on the old inter web...until now.

Fleet Mattress Factory learned about the need to meet the budget without pesky innerspring issues of cheaper truck specific sleep products. So, a thoughtful, low cost, exceptional quality high density foam mattress selection was developed and displayed for the first time at the Texas Trucking Show in Houston, Texas.

The Colonial 4.5 and The Maverick 5.5, All Foam Truck Mattresses, Made For Fleet Owners.

The Colonial is 4.5 inches, made with one slab of firm, high density poly-foam. It solves the issue of our all springs competitor brands poking through after only a few months of usage.

The Colonial's smooth top fabric is dark grey in color with a triangle pattern of black, providing stretch comfort while hiding stains better. Of course, it is easy to see the modern look matches any trucks sleeper unit.

If you look close at the top of the mattress, the waterfall edge design gives a visually different look to our 5.5 inch model, The Maverick, here below....

Features and How The Maverick is Made:

Foam - The Maverick 5.5, one slab of high density poly-foam, but 20% thicker than The Colonial.

Fabric - Same dark grey and black modern fabric, blocking stains, stretching for comfort.

Durability - quilted top and bottom, the upholstery is sewn together with a durable border edge welting and Kevlar threading.

2 Sided - Flippable for a second sleeping surface.


For $80, The Colonial 4.5 inch trucking mattress, with it's high density foam, can be used 3 ways.

1. As a primary bottom bunk mattress.

2. As a top bunk mattress, or

3. As a refresh-topper placed onto an existing mattress that has passed it's prime.

For $120, The Maverick 5.5 inch trucking mattress is a perfect replacement, offering suitable firmness so it offers a great nights sleep on an exceptional budget. Take a look, nobody offers a fleet made product this affordable like Fleet Mattress does.


Fleet Mattress Factory is the manufacturer that specializes in special sizes. Made to order, the Colonial and Maverick will be cut and sewn to fit the exact length and width that your tractors require.

Just list all of the sizes, by length and width

(there can be multiple sizes in your fleet), and we will manufacture your order to those dimensions especially for you.

Minimum Order Quantities:

Yes, 10 units is the minimum to receive free shipping and these exceptional prices. Less than 10 unit order? This can be accomplished, but with that additional freight calculated at checkout online or

call the factory directly to arrange a price (225.357.2253, Hours 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mon-Fri).

For our Fleets, a rush order of one unit can be shipped for an additional $65 in a box by Fedex anywhere in the country. We suggest ordering 10, save the shipping, and you can keep the extras in the warehouse until a driver has an immediate need. On hand stock puts that issue to bed, don't you agree?

How will the Fleet receive the mattresses?

Each mattress will be compressed rolled into a heavy 6 mil poly retention bag, labeled with model, and size. These 10 mattresses will then be stacked on a pallet like logs and the entire pallet shrink wrapped multiple times. LTL freight is arranged to ship after production, usually within 1-2 weeks of your order.

Because a Fleet may have multiple brands of trucks, a 10 minimum order unit can be pallatized with mixed sizes and even different mattress model. Your choice is our pleasure at Fleet Mattress Factory.

A Final Message To Fleet Owners

The Colonial 4.5 inch or The Maverick 5.5 inch trucking mattress Fleet Program is designed to manage the driver retention and budget concerns for Fleet Owners. Low cost, great comfort, exceptional quality sleep products from Fleet Mattress Factory.

Keeping the driver well rested, appreciated, efficient and of course, retained is the goal. Given the amount of grumps that emerge from a poor nights sleep in the sleeper, would you agree this is a small investment for the obvious added benefit?

Fleet Owners, one last ask, please press here and send us an email saying you are interested and want to know more about how we can supply our Fleet Program to your benefit.

And, Thank You For Being A Customer of Fleet Mattress.

*Fleet Mattress is proudly owned and operated by Capital Bedding Company, Inc., located in Louisiana since 1920.

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